Rules & Regulations

1.Silence is imperative in Library premises

2.Present the library card each time when the student borrows a book.

3.The borrower is responsible for loss or damage the book or any document borrowed on his/her card.

4.The borrower may retain the book drawn on borrower’s card for a month only.

5.It is to be clearly understood that the card-holder is liable for any book borrowed on lost card even after intimation of the loss of card and that the Library does not undertake any responsibility in such matter.

6.Loss of the library card should forthwith be brought to the notice of the Librarian in writing within three days.

7.Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.50/- only.

8.When a book is borrowed from the Library it should be examined carefully and the attention of the Library staff should called to any defect or damage otherwise the last borrower will have to pay fine or have to replace a new book.

9.Book borrowed against the card must not be taken out from the Reading Room and must be returned before leaving the Reading Room.

10.The card is to be returned to the Library before filling in form of the Final Examination or if the student leaves the college.

11.Late fine Rs. 0.50 per day and not less than Rs. 5.00 only

12.Reader will not accompany any book/bag etc when he/she will enter into the Reading Room/Library.

13.Violation of any of the rules and regulations will lead to fine and forfeiture of the privileges of the Library.