Library Committee

The Library Advisory Committee is called the Library Sub-Committee. It prepares plans and programmes for t he development of our library.

Major activities taken by the Committee are a follows :

1.Guidelines are given for smooth procurement of books and journals.
2.Optimal use of library facilities is ensured.
3.Discussion are made for the allocation of fund for the purchase of books and journals and forwarded to the Principal.

Members of Library Sub-Committee are as follows :


President    Dr. Amrita Dutta (Principal)

Convener    Sri Dipak Kumar Bhunia (Librarian)

Members    Prof. Anasuya Kar (G.B Member)
                  Dr. Bhajan Chandra Barman (Bursar & G.B Member)
                  Dr. Agnimitra Ghosh (HOD, Deptt. of Bengali)
                  Sri Syamal Bhatta (Accountant & G.B Member)
                  Sri Joydeep Chanda (External Member)