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e-Library launched on 25 March 2010


Our Library is the first college under the University of Calcutta as well as in West Bengal and among  the first 300 colleges in India who has offered by the UGC-INFLIBNET for N-LIST (National Library & Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) Connectivity. We are very thankful to our Principal Dr. M.B.Roy for her constant cooperation and overall guidance without which this dream project can never be fulfilled. We are also very thankful to the UGC-INFLIBNET Team and specially to Dr. Jagdish Arora,Director, INFLIBNET. I as librarian want to give thanks to my team members in our library to make it happen in such a short time . In this special moment I remember all of my colleagues and friends who has immense faith on my ability to accomplish new thing.This is one of the best achievements achieved by the college in the last 50 years since its inception in 1959.Through this connectivity  and fair use of these e-resources our mission for excellence in teaching as well as research can be visualized in a new digital world.Presently more than 2100 peer-reviewed scholarly e-journals (full text) , more than 51000 e-books (full text) one bibliographic database can be accessed by our faculty members.The great facility about it is this e-library is accessible any where from the world and truly materilizes our dream of "library without four walls". It has been launched on 25th March 2010. In the first phase individual Login ID and Password of each faculty members are given and in the next phase it will also be given to our students.

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